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  1. You have a blog! Eeeee! And it’s FANTASTIC! Sounds like a great book and a worthwile read, thank you for shairng. When I started my blog I was just writing for myself and friends and family I really had no idea how to write or blog. It has taken me awhile to find my groove and a lot of trial and error in regards to what people like in a blog. I totally agree about writing for yourself, and I think if you start writing for others, you lose the joy from it. But on the other hand, I reckon it is good to have an audience in mind too and at times be considerate of that. It’s a balancing act really. Ooops, I’m writing a blog post here! I do believe you have inspired me to write about this topic. That’s what I love about blogs people can write something for themselves, but also inspire someone else. Going back to not writing for an audience though I think if you don’t have an audience in the back of your mind it can work against you. I have come across so many chronic illness bloggers and their blogs are just blah. All they do is write a couple of paragraphs about their doctors appointments and that’s it. There’s not any depth to it. While that’s ok, and necessary at times, publishing every post on just that becomes tedious for readers. It’s bland and boring. I know some people are just blogging to keep family and friends updated, but I see so many of these bloggers complaining about why they don’t have any readers. Ok, after all that, my point is that I think your writing is amazing and your posts are interesting and definitely not boring. You’re special, and you should keep shairng your story.

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